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About eCLIPS
With accurate information on over 1400 jobs including live labour market information and a wealth of impartial advice on education and employment choices, eCLIPS helps young people to make informed study and career decisions.

Comprehensive careers information
With clear and impartial descriptions of jobs, entry requirements and training options, including live-streamed information from LMI for All, eCLIPS provides users with all the information they need to make informed careers decisions. It caters for all abilities and stages with information ranging from basic to in-depth descriptions with links for further exploration.

There's help for users looking for career ideas, with leaflets providing a broad overview of career areas, careers linked to school subjects and an interactive career matching tool. In addition, eCLIPS provides a wealth of advice to help young people choose study and employment options, and prepare for the world of work.

Information You Can Trust
Schools and careers professionals have trusted eCLIPS for over 30 years. The information on eCLIPS is researched and written by our team of experienced, professional careers authors and is regularly updated to reflect the latest developments in education, training and the labour market. Over 700 industry experts are regularly consulted and asked to comment on the content.

Quick, easy and unlimited
Using eCLIPS couldn’t be simpler. With one password per institution there are no time-consuming signups and easy navigation means that no training is required. What's more, a site licence permits unlimited access at the institution and even at home with parents.

Helps schools meet Gatsby benchmark
Schools need to meet the eight Gatsby Benchmarks at the heart of the Government's Careers Strategy by 2020. Find out how eCLIPS can help here.

We think you’ll love eCLIPS once you’ve seen how comprehensive and easy to use it is. If you’re a school or careers professional, request your free demo today and try it out for yourself.

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