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‘Find Your Job’ is a new learning resource to help young people find out their individual likes and strengths and link them to related career paths. Fun and informative, these cards offer labour market information and hit Gatsby Benchmarks 2,3,5 &8. This resource is suitable for individuals of all ages – can be used solo or with parents, career advisors or class groups.

The pack includes:
• 1 deck of Likes & Strengths cards for identifying preferred work activities
• 1 deck of Jobs Cards for finding out facts about different jobs in a trumps-game format, backed by Question Cards for conversations with real workers

Coated with anti-bacterial laminate, the cards are easy to wipe clean.

The set comes in a slim, A5-sized box – easy to carry and store.

Year 7 – Job Trumps (Gatsby 2, 5)
Rank Jobs by category (Number in UK, Qualifications, Pay, etc.)

Year 8 – Job Line up (Gatsby 2, 5)
Play Job Card Trumps, comparing job facts

Year 9 - Your Work Likes (Gatsby 3, 5)
Rank Likes Cards according to personal preferences

Year 10 - Your Work Strengths (Gatsby 3, 5)
Rank Strengths Cards according to personal preferences

Year 11 - Your Job Matches (Gatsby 2, 3, 5)
Match personal Likes and Strengths to Jobs Cards

Year 12 - Conversations 1-10 (Gatsby 2, 3, 5, 8)
Prepare and ask Questions about job experiences

Year 13 - Conversations 11-25 (Gatsby 2, 3, 5, 8)
Prepare and ask Questions about job application & interview

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