Not every student knows what they want to be “when they grow up”. Even those that do know will still need some help and guidance along the way. It can be a minefield of almost infinite career pathways, courses and university choices.

Teaching careers guidance isn’t exactly simple either. How can you be sure you are giving every student the individual support they need? What about keeping up to date with the latest careers, suitable university courses and entry requirements? Add in the need to meet Gatsby Benchmarks and demonstrate everything to Ofsted and you have a real headache. We get that.

The good news is that Indigo has been designed by experts with decades of careers education experience to help. Phew.

Free demo available! If you are interested in seeing more or for a no obligation quote please email: 

All prices are subject to VAT. Discounts are available on purchases of multiple modules and for multiple sites. For further information please email: 

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